Dr Drum

Today I wanted to share something new I discovered with my friend recently.  Last night I went over to my buddies house.  His passion is making music.  He remixes dubstep, creates his own music and adds his own funk to classic favorites.  As usual we smoked and started messing around on his MacBook Pro.  Normally we use this crappy software with only like 20 samples to play with.  He’s got this new software up on his laptop and there’s an endless list of samples to play with.  I really got into it and had a lot of fun.  I’m not what you would call a professional but Dr. Drum has an intuitive design to it.  You can stay it up and just go from there.  It just feels right you know?  It has endless samples, superior sound quality, great tutorials and a low price.  I highly recommend getting Dr. Drum, whether you make professional beats or just want to have some fun exploring new sounds.  For more information
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The Life is Beautiful Music Festival

2013 was the first annual Life is Beautiful Music Festival.  Hosted outside the old Las Vegas strip while old casinos set a backdrop amidst the arid desert air, the Life is Beautiful festival is a unique venue.  Besides taking place in sin city, the Life is Beautiful Music Festival has much to offer.  The venue boasted performances from such artists as Childish Gambino, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Capital Cities, Empire of the Sun, Kings of Leon, Passion Pit, Portugal.  The Man, Twenty One Pilots, Vampire Weekend and Wallpaper.  For being the first year this festival took place it was a tremendous success.

I was lucky enough to go to the Life is Beautiful Music Festival.  My dad and I flew there from Pittsburgh, my hometown.

We stayed in the Cosmopolitan.  My room overlooked the new Las Vegas strip.  We went out to eat during the day, visited casinos and played it low-key.  In the late afternoon we hopped on the bus and got off at the old Las Vegas strip.  Food trucks and drink tents surround the different stages.  Loud music, bright lights and eccentric sluts were everywhere.  It is truly a one-of-a kind experience.  It definitely pulled in a large gathering and some revenue because they are already planning the next one.
vegas Life is beautiful music festival IMG_0889 music festival

Pono, The New Audio Format

The MP3 audio format is riddled with problems.  Limitations include:

-Slow time resolution that causes the blending of percussive sounds
-Inferior time/requency resolution and echo problems
-Limited frequency resolution that decreases coding efficiency
-No provision for gapless playback
Enter Pono.  Pono is a music player, download-service and audio format currently being worked on by Neil Young.  Neil Young introduced us with a prototype of the device and Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment have all agreed to remaster their music catalogs for the device.  Pono will be the next generation audio format to revolutionize music and sound quality.  This new audio format is going to be the next medium for rich audio files and no loss of quality.
Ibanez Gio and amp

My Ibanez Gio

About two years ago I bought a guitar starter kit.  It came with a black and white Ibanez Gio, headphones, a guitar tuner, guitar picks and an Ibanez GTA15R amplifier.  At the time I could barely hold a guitar right.  In my spare time I would mess with it and try playing easy guitar tabs.  Two years later I have a firm grasp on the basics of the guitar without lengthy practice sessions and expensive guitar lessons.  Though both the guitar and the amp are very basic pieces of equipment I have found that they are durable and reliable.  I treated my amp and my guitar roughly but they never stopped working.  Ibanez is like the AK47 of guitar equipment.  Though not the best, nor the flashiest, you can fire it up no matter what.  I have remained happy with the product and consider it one of my most worthwhile, economic purchases that allowed me to learn the basic guitar.  Ibanez is the ideal guitar brand for everyone new to guitar.

Below are the stats from: http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/GRX40



The Ibanez GRX40, also known as the GRX40A in Japan, is a GIO RX series entry level electric guitar model, introduced in 2000. Features are a SSH pickup configuration and a synchronized tremolo. Produced simultaneously in China and in Indonesia, multiple versions of this guitar exist for the different markets. It is part of the GRX40J and IJX40 (US)Jumpstart packages also containing a practice amp and various accessories.


Specifications for GRX40
Name: GRX40; GRX40A
Years: 2000-2011
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: China/Indonesia
Finishes: BK (Black) (2000-2004) / BKN (Black Night) (2005-2011) / BMB (Beam Blue) (2007-2009) / CA (Candy Apple) (2000-2009 / JB (Jewel Blue) (2005-2010) / MG (Metallic Grape) (2000-2004) / MR (Metallic Red) (2000-2004; 2010) / NM (Navy Metallic) (2002-2006) / OR (Orange) (2009) / PB (Pale Blue) (2009) / PB (Pastel Blue) (2011) / PW (Pearl White) (2005-2011) / SB (Sunburst) (2004) / SLB (Starlight Blue) (2005-2008) / TB (Transparent Blue) (2002-2004) / TFB (Trifade Burst) (2005-2011) / TR (Transparent Red) (2003-2004) / WH (White) (2007-2010) / YW (Yellow) (2009)
Body material:
Neck joint:
2000-2004: Standard tremolo
2002-2004: FAT 10 tremolo
2005-2010: FAT 6 tremolo
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-Piece Maple
White Dots
22 / Medium
PU Config:
Neck PU:
PSNDS (Powersound Single)/STD-S1/Single Coil
Mid PU:
PSNDS (Powersound Single)/STD-S2/Single Coil
Bridge PU:
PSND2 (Powersound 2)/STD-H1/STD-H3/Humbucking
1 Volume / 1 Tone / 5-Way Lever


Four different pickup sets are known for this guitar. Whether these pickups really differ or are just the same pickups with different names is not clear.

Neck Pickup Mid Pickup Bridge Pickup
Set 2 STD-S1 STD-S2 STD-H1
Set 3 STD-S1 STD-S2 STD-H3
Set 4 Single Coil Single Coil Humbucking
Mind Blowing

Effect of Prolonged Travel in Space

In a previous post I discussed the dangers surrounding immediate exposure to a vacuum in space.  This post focuses on the effects of space travel on a human being.

First and foremost, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause sunburns in a matter of seconds.  Radiation poses a big problem to astronauts.  Astronauts who spend a year in low-orbit are exposed to ten times the radiation that is normal on Earth.  This is due to the lack of atmosphere and magnetosphere protection.  This heavy exposure to radiation leads to lymphocyte damage.  As a result astronauts have weaker immune systems.  Radiation has also been linked to a higher incidence of cataracts.  Astronauts are also exposed to galactic cosmic rays, which significantly increase the chance of cancer.  In addition solar flare events can deliver a lethal dose of radiation within minutes.


I wrote a book


This is a book I wrote a long time ago.  Though most would call it a stoner comedy I venture to call it something more:  There is always a story to be told.  Well, I wrote a story and then some.  Rife with smoking sessions, crude jokes, philosophical views about the world as an aggregate and a little existentialism to even the keel this is more than a book my friends.  This is the metaphorical blood etched on the  papyrus.  I encourage you to check it out not only because I wrote it but because I earnestly think you will enjoy it.  Check out the sample at the very least.

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